Kiki, Jack's voluptuous showgirl mistress, is short on brains but big on sex appeal. She realizes that she does not have a particularly bright future as a dancer and that hooking up with Jack is a good move. Kiki considers leaving Jack at times, however, bothered by the tales of his no-good doings, his habit of leaving her under guarded supervision, and nearly witnessing his bloody demise. At one point, Kiki does disappear, and it seems as if she could be gone for good. In many ways, Kiki is attracted to the same elements of Jack's notorious image as Marcus is. The fact that Jack is a bad man turns her on. She enjoys licking his scars, and only loves him more when he says he looks forward to dying young. Kiki relishes the secondhand attention people lavish on her in Jack's presence. Being Jack's broad makes Kiki more famous than her dancing ability ever could. Just being seen with Jack is not enough for Kiki; when Jack is shot, she makes sure to capitalize from the accident by publishing her memoirs in the paper. In particular, Kiki likes the way that being Jack's woman makes her a sex symbol.