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Why does Marcus decide to work for Jack Diamond?

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Who first picks Marcus up to have dinner with Jack?

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Jack's car reminds Marcus of the car driven by whom?

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Who supplies the money for the drug deal Jack intends to make in Germany?

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Why don't Jack and Eddie want to shoot the mad cat in Van Wie's barn?

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What's strange about the sailor to whom Jack speaks on his freight boat trip home from Europe?

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The lapel pin that Jack wears, which draws the attention of both the press and his cousin, signifies that he is a member of what organization?

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What topic initiated the argument that led to Jack blinding one of The Goose's eyes?

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Whose severed body does Jesse Franklin stumble upon?

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Which two characters have tuberculosis (TB)?

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Where was Kiki when Jack was shot five times in a 64th Street hotel?

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What does the man on the street who tells Kiki to stay in show business call her?

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What does Alice write on the picture of her and Jack at the Polyclinic?

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Who pays for Jack's hospital bill at the Polyclinic?

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What new career do Marcus, Alice, and Lew Edwards suggest Jack take up?

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What food does Kiki make for Jack?

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What does Clem Streeter have in his truck?

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Why does Fogarty go to jail?

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After Alice and Kiki are both living with him, which woman does Jack ask to dance first?

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How many years does Jack spend in jail?

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Jack takes Marcus along on a beer run. Who is doing Jack a favor by providing him the opportunity to make this run?

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What song do Jack and company sing at The Parody Club?

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Which sexual partner do Marcus and Jack have in common?

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How does Alice make money after Jack dies and her show loses popularity?