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What is Tod's job?

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What is the common characteristic of the people Tod feels he must paint?

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What is the name of the series of lithographs that Tod is working on at the beginning of the novel?

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Where is Abe Kusich when Tod first encounters him?

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What is Faye Greener's job throughout most of the novel?

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Why does Mrs. Schwartzen get upset with Tod at Claude Estee's party?

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What prompts Mrs. Schwartzen and the others to stage a mock riot at Mrs. Jenning's house?

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What kind of film is "Le Predicament de Marie"?

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What does Tod get Claude to ask Mrs. Jenning?

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Why, does Tod imagine, does Harry Greener continue to act like a clown even though he is no longer employed as one?

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Why has Homer Simpson moved to Hollywood?

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Who is Romola Martin?

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Why does Homer give change to the beggar on his way to the supermarket?

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What does Harry Greener normally do to antagonize Faye?

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How does Tod become closer to Faye?

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What proposition does Faye make to Tod?

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How does Earle Shoop spend his days?

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Why does Tod decide to accompany Faye on her date with Earle?

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What is Tod's likely intent when he chases after Faye in the woods?

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What happened to Faye's mother?

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What is the topic of Tod's lecture to Faye during Harry's funeral?

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What strange question does Mrs. Loomis ask Homer and Tod?

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What does Tod do when he decides to put Faye out of his mind?

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24. What does Homer mind most about Earle and Miguel living in his garage?

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What does Adore do that incites Homer to chase after him?