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What organization does Miss Lonelyhearts work for?

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Whom does Miss Lonelyhearts decide to marry at the end of the novel?

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Who kills Miss Lonelyhearts at the end of the novel?

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What part of Doyle's anatomy is crippled?

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Whose arm does Miss Lonelyhearts twist?

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With what does Miss Lonelyhearts finish off the sacrifice of the lamb?

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What makes particularly loud noise at night at Betty's family farm?

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What color dress does Betty wear that draws Miss Lonelyhearts's attention?

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Who writes the longest letter to Miss Lonelyhearts?

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What does Miss Lonelyhearts's tongue turn into when he first sees Betty?

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Where do Miss Lonelyhearts and Mary go on their date?

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Where do Miss Lonelyhearts and Mrs. Doyle meet in the park?

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For how long does Miss Lonelyhearts stay in bed before Shrike takes him to his party?

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In what book does Miss Lonelyhearts read a passage about universal love?

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To what religious figure does Miss Lonelyhearts compare his appearance?

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What kind of writers do Miss Lonelyhearts's friends particularly hate?

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What age does Shrike say Miss Lonelyhearts should embrace?

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By what name does Miss Lonelyhearts call Betty one time?

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Where does Betty take Miss Lonelyhearts?

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What was the original motivation behind Miss Lonelyhearts's job?

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What kind of alcohol do Miss Lonelyhearts and his college friends acquire in the "Lamb" episode?

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Whose hand does Miss Lonelyhearts hold in the speakeasy?

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What reason does the gas station attendant give for the presence of the deer by the lake?

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What is the name of the game Shrike starts at his party?

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What does Mrs. Doyle call Miss Lonelyhearts and Doyle when she sees them holding hands?

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Whom did Miss Lonelyhearts ask to marry him two months before the start of the novel?