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Revered literary critic Harold Bloom provides an overview of the themes and techniques used in Steinbeck’s novella, a brief biography of Steinbeck, and a useful index of the various themes and ideas found in Of Mice and Men.

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This collection of essays explores Steinbeck’s interest in moral philosophy and the role of philosophical ideas in Steinbeck’s work, including Of Mice and Men.

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Hadella examines the way that Steinbeck’s ideas about power, social class, and economics shape Of Mice and Men. Specifically, Hadella examines how Steinbeck develops the powerlessness of people who cannot achieve the American Dream in his story.

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A useful overview of critical books and articles about John Steinbeck and his work.

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This volume is a collection of essays that focus on the artistically productive period during which Steinbeck wrote Of Mice and Men. Several essays consider Steinbeck’s negative portrayal of women.

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This collection of essays examines Steinbeck’s preoccupation with male friendship and rivalry, and his interest in the Biblical story of Cain and Abel.

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This biography of Steinbeck places Of Mice and Men in the context of Steinbeck’s life and thought. This work particularly focuses on the struggles Steinbeck faced, and how these struggles influenced his writing.

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This book explores Steinbeck’s relationship with his home state, California, where he set Of Mice and Men and most of his other works.

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This book is an encyclopedic examination of Steinbeck’s life and work, comprising more than 500 articles on a wide range of Steinbeck-related topics.

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This volume introduces the major themes across Steinbeck’s work, with critical discussion of how these themes emerge from Steinbeck’s life and interests.

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This volume provides an overview of the way readers’ responses to Steinbeck have developed and evolved over the past few decades.