1. What is the name of Lily's aunt?

2. Who invites Lily on a cruise in the Mediterranean?

3. The House of Mirth is a good example of a(n):

4. Lily dies when she:

5. The owner of the Bellomont is:

6. Whom does Lily ask to invest her money in the stock market?

7. Whom does Lily marry at the end of the novel before she dies?

8. Which woman, whom Lily had previously helped through her charity work, does Lily meet again at the end of the novel just before she dies?

9. With whom does Bertha Dorset have an affair aboard the Sabrina?

10. At the end of the novel, what does Lily do with the letters she bought that were written by Bertha Dorset and addressed to Selden?

11. Whom does Percy Gryce marry?

12. When Selden arrives at Lily's room in the last chapter of the novel, he intends to:

13. In her will, Mrs. Peniston leaves Lily:

14. Selden's good-natured cousin who befriends Lily when almost everyone else has abandoned her is:

15. The novel is set primarily in:

16. After leaving the Emporium, Lily works as a:

17. Selden gets angry at Lily when he sees her leaving the house of this man by herself at the end of Book One:

18. Lily has a problem controlling her addiction to:

19. While in France, Bertha Dorset spreads a rumor that Lily is having an affair with this man:

20. Who proposes marriage to Lily at the end of Book One, just before she leaves for the Mediterranean?

21. At a fashion show hosted by the Brys, the guests are awed by which participant in the tableaux vivants:

22. After returning from the Mediterranean, Carry encourages Lily to marry:

23. What job does Lily pursue at the Emporium hotel?

24. Although she loves him, Lily cannot marry Selden because:

25. Simon Rosedale in Book Two decides that he is no longer willing to marry Lily because: