Coin is the foil to Katniss’s character. Commander of the rebels and president of District 13, she acts ruthlessly and decisively. She is motivated by the power she seeks when she routs the Capitol and sets herself up as President of Panem. She needs Katniss as the Mockingjay to give the rebels a symbol to rally around. Coin thinly veils her dislike of Katniss and uses Katniss for her own means, placing her in life-threatening situations. Once the rebels are on the road to success, Coin feels Katniss is expendable. Her true colors are revealed when she sets up the remaining winning tributes to vote on her idea for a new Hunger Games. She has not learned from her own experiences of being subjected to ruthless tyrants; she only wants revenge. Her death from Katniss’s arrow to her brain signifies the possibility that Panem might finally escape tyrannical rule.