Peeta loves Katniss and does what he can to protect her. He encourages the rebels to participate in a cease-fire to help protect Katniss, although he most likely does not understand the bigger picture of happenings in Panem. It becomes obvious that Peeta is being tortured systematically but kept alive as bait for Katniss. His love for Katniss is made apparent when he risks his life to warn Katniss of an attack during a broadcast. When Peeta is rescued from the Capitol by Gale and other team members, they discover quickly that Peeta has been hijacked, a form of emotional torture utilized to corrupt his memories, especially memories of Katniss. He tries to strangle Katniss on what is supposed to be their loving reunion. Peeta’s personality is changed, and he is no longer kind and loving. However, after working with doctors, he begins to return to his old self, and there is hope, though he continues to feel tortured by the thought that his actions caused the death of other innocent people. Peeta illustrates his noble, sensitive side when he votes no to Coin’s idea of the new Hunger Games. He plants evening primrose for Katniss as a healing gesture after they both return to District 12. Like Katniss, he carries the trauma of what he has experienced, but they still have hope for the future.