President Snow uses people for his own gain and evil pleasure. He is motivated by the power he holds over his subjects in Panem, ruling with cunning, treachery, and vindictiveness. Even his appearance is spoiled by the blood that runs out of his mouth from the sores caused by poison he took to make himself appear innocent while poisoning others on his road to absolute power. His symbol is a rose in his lapel, which he wears to cover up the scent of the blood. He also leaves behind roses to torment Katniss, reminding her that he always knows where she is and what she does. He rules with fear of torture and death as his mainstay. While vindictive, he is always honest with Katniss, which helps her believe him when he explains that they have both been outmaneuvered by Coin. He dies choking on his own blood, a fitting death since the bleeding sores in his mouth were caused by the poison that he used to kill his political enemies.