Gale grows into a soldier and protector, having saved people in District 12 from the Capitol’s attacks. Like Katniss, he fights to protect those he cares about. Gale is motivated by a desire to avenge the deaths of his people and he devotes himself to designing weaponry. He trains to be a soldier with fervor while he tries to care for Katniss and her family. His desire to please Katniss by protecting her mother and sister also motivates him, but he knows when his idea of a double trap bomb is used to kill Prim that his chances with Katniss are over. Gale becomes increasingly cruel toward those aligned with the Capitol, driven by bloodthirsty retribution. Although he and Katniss care about each other, Gale’s cruelty in his quest for vengeance causes discord between them. He does not reconcile with Katniss after she kills President Coin, likely because of the shame of possibly playing a part in the death of Prim, whom he promised to protect.