First Period, Chapter XXII

Frustrated at being thwarted by Lady Verinder in every respect, Cuff has lost interest in the investigation and retreats to the garden to discuss roses with the Gardener. Franklin wanders around the house, lamenting and wondering at Rachel's mistreatment of him. He lights up a cigar, lamenting the fact that he ever quit smoking for Rachel.

Lady Verinder's carriage returns from Frizinghall, and the groom brings in a letter for Franklin and a letter for Betteredge. Betteredge's letter reports that news of Rosanna's suicide has no effect on Rachel, who swears she had never had a private conversation with Rosanna. Rachel has also sworn that she owes no debts and that she does not have possession of the diamond. Rachel has said to her mother, "The day will come when you will know why I am careless about being suspected, and why I am silent even to you." Lady Verinder's letter commands Betteredge to give a check to Cuff and dismiss him respectfully from the case. Betteredge reads the letter to Cuff and gives Cuff the generous check.

Cuff prepares to leave for London. Cuff predicts three things to Betteredge: that he will hear from the Yollands after they receive a letter from Rosanna on Monday, that he will hear of the three Indians again in London if Rachel goes to London, and that he will hear something of the London moneylender, Septimus Luker, who had been acquainted with Rosanna. The Gardener and Cuff leave the grounds, still discussing roses.

First Period, Chapter XXIII

Franklin prepares to leave for the station to return to London. He shows Betteredge his letter from Lady Verinder, guessing that Rachel's mistreatment of Franklin is due to Franklin's own assistance in the investigation of the diamond theft. Lady Verinder asks Franklin for patience with Rachel. Franklin expresses his wish that he had never brought the diamond to the Verinder household to create such sadness and disunity. Franklin leaves for the station.

On Sunday, the next day, Rachel's coach arrives back at the house with news that Lady Verinder will take Rachel to her London house. Penelope and Lady Verinder's maid are to meet them in London.

On Monday, Limping Lucy Yolland seeks out Betteredge at the Verinder house. She is looking for Franklin Blake, whom she blames for Rosanna's death. Lucy is first ragingly angry, then distraught. Lucy holds a letter from Rosanna to Franklin but refuses to mail it to Franklin in London. She insists on making Franklin come to Cobb's Hole to get it from her himself. Betteredge tries to convince her to give up the letter, and he even goes to Cobb's Hole to try to convince Mrs. Yolland but cannot. On Tuesday, Betteredge receives a letter from Penelope stating that the Verinder's are settled into London and a letter from Franklin's household stating that Franklin has left England.