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Who is Old Ben?

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Why does Lucas Beauchamp keep the fire burning in his hearth?

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Who wins the poker game between Uncle Buddy and Hubert Beauchamp?

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Why does Rider kill Birdsong?

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Who teaches Isaac McCaslin how to hunt?

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Who does General Compson want to ride Katie, the fearless mule?

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How old is Isaac in "Delta Autumn"?

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Why is Molly Beauchamp's grandson put to death in Illinois?

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Why does Sophonsiba Beauchamp insist on calling the Beauchamp plantation "Warwick"?

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Why does Lucas want to have George Wilkins sent to jail?

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Why does the sheriff look the other way when the Birdsong boys lynch Rider?

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Who first claims to see the giant buck in "The Old People"?

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How does the little fyce-dog react to seeing Old Ben?

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What does Isaac claim to believe in "Delta Autumn"?

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Where does Molly seem to believe her grandson has gone?

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Which man first touches Lion?

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Which man sleeps with Lion?

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How docs Isaac's wife try to convince him to reclaim the plantation?

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How is Carothers Edmonds related the woman who bears his child?

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What does Isaac infer from reading Buck and Buddy's old ledgers?

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How does he come to that conclusion?

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Which character is really Buddy McCaslin's son?

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Which character acts as Isaac McCaslin's father?

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Which character acts as Carothers Edmonds's mother?

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What does Lucas use to help him search for the buried treasure?