Commercial Fiction; Women’s Fiction; Tragedy


Multiple narrators alternate throughout the book. These narrators are Anna, Jesse, Kate, Brian, and Sara Fitzgerald, Campbell Alexander, and Julia Romano. The chapters narrated by Sara largely take place in the past, while the rest of the narration occurs in present day. The prologue and epilogue take place several years after the main action has occurred.

Point of View 

Each narrator speaks in first person, allowing the reader to see the world from each narrator’s point of view.


Each narrator speaks in a different tone. Anna is observant, thoughtful, and inquisitive. Jesse is sarcastic and angry. Brian is often discursive, wandering into musings on astronomy. Sara is practical and concise. Campbell is sarcastic and sometimes regretful. Julia is open and watchful of the characters around her.



Setting (time) 

The setting alternates between present action and events from the past fourteen years.

Setting (place) 

Rhode Island


Anna Fitzgerald

Major Conflict 

Anna Fitzgerald files a lawsuit against her parents for medical emancipation so that she will no longer be forced to act as a donor for her older sister Kate, who has struggled with cancer almost her entire life.

Rising Action 

Despite Kate’s failing health and Sara’s insistence that Anna change her mind, Anna’s lawsuit progresses and the trial begins. After much hesitation, Anna takes the stand to speak.


Anna admits on the stand that Kate convinced her to file the lawsuit just as Campbell collapses from an epileptic seizure. Both of these events finally bring the truth out into the open; the reason Campbell has a service dog and broke up with Julia, and the reason Anna has decided not to donate a kidney to Kate.

Falling Action 

Sara, initially disbelieving that her older daughter wants to die, apologizes to Kate. The court grants Anna the right to choose whether or not to donate her kidney, and Julia and Campbell reconcile.


The bruise on Kate’s spine; Anna wonders what her funeral would be like; Brian and his fellow firefighters talk about the arsonist; Anna wonders what heaven will be like