My Sister’s Keeper

by: Jodi Picoult

Wednesday, part 1

Summary Wednesday, part 1
From Julia’s section through Anna’s section

Summary: Julia

At their apartment, Julia and Izzy talk, and Julia cries over Campbell. He did the exact same thing to her that he did in high school. The next morning at the courthouse, Julia hears Campbell and Anna fighting over Anna’s refusal to take the stand. Julia confronts Campbell and tells him that both he and Anna are cowards afraid of facing consequences. Julia also tells Campbell he runs away every time someone gets close to him. Campbell starts to tell Julia something about his dog, but Vern Stackhouse interrupts to tell them the hearing needs to begin.

Summary: Campbell

In the courtroom, Sara questions a psychiatrist named Dr. Neaux. She asks him about the potential harm Anna will suffer if Kate dies. Dr. Neaux says that if Anna donates her kidney and keeps Kate alive she will experience an immense benefit. He also does not believe Anna capable of making her own medical decisions. While Sara questions the doctor, Campbell jokes with Anna about the names of Dr. Neaux and Dr. Chance. Campbell then questions Dr. Neaux. He suggests Sara defines whether or not she is a good mother by her ability to keep Kate healthy. Campbell also suggests that Sara, who also stands to benefit by Kate staying alive, can’t make independent decisions any better than Anna.

Summary: Julia

Campbell questions Julia on the stand. Julia says she can see how the Fitzgeralds want to do everything possible to save Kate, but how medically it does not serve Anna’s best interests to donate a kidney. Julia says that no one in Anna’s family has the ability to make unbiased decisions regarding Anna’s health care, but Anna also lacks the ability to make her own decisions.

Summary: Campbell

Campbell realizes Julia will not veto Anna’s petition. He also recognizes how much the case has affected Julia, the same way it has affected him. Julia, however, expresses those feelings. Judge DeSalvo asks for Julia’s recommendation to the court, but she says she hasn’t been able to reach a decision. Anna stands up and tells Judge DeSalvo she has something to say.

Summary: Anna

On the witness stand, Anna notices that Campbell looks awful and sweats. Campbell walks up to Anna and cracks a joke, giving Anna the courage to continue. She notices Campbell’s dog behaving excitedly, and Judge DeSalvo asks Campbell to control him. Campbell begins to question Anna and asks her why she wanted to file the petition.

In a flashback to two months before, Sara and Brian sit Kate and Anna down to talk. They say Kate needs a kidney transplant, and the kidney will have to come from Anna. Before Anna can reply, Kate says she doesn’t want the transplant. Sara snaps that if Kate won’t accept the kidney it will be just like suicide. Kate says if she’s already dying it’s not suicide.