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What type of cancer is Kate diagnosed with?

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How did Julia and Campbell meet?

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What is Brian’s favorite hobby?

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What is the name of Kate’s primary oncologist?

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What is Anna named after?

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Which of these has Anna not donated to Kate?

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In the analogy she draws between oncology and a battlefield, who does Sara refer to as the seasoned sergeants?

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What is Campbell’s reason for not telling Julia about his seizures sooner?

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Why was Kate so happy after Jesse tackled her in the family’s football game?

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Why does Campbell have to bail Jesse out of jail?

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Which one is not an explanation Campbell gives for his service dog?

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Why does Sara first take Kate to the hospital, before doctors diagnose her with cancer?

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Where did Anna find out about Campbell?

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Where does Jesse eventually graduate from?

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What is the name of the boy Anna has a crush on?

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Why did Anna file the lawsuit?

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What decision does Julia give to Judge DeSalvo?

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How did Judge DeSalvo’s daughter die?

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What happens to Brian after Anna’s death?

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How is Kate’s bone marrow transplant paid for?

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What present does Jesse recall receiving as a “guilt gift”?

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What sport does Anna love to play?

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Why doesn’t Brian want to put Kate on arsenic therapy?

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Who lives with Julia?

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What does Anna most want to be in ten years?