My Sister’s Keeper

by: Jodi Picoult

Wednesday, part 2

Summary Wednesday, part 2
From Brian’s section through end of chapter

Summary: Brian

Brian rushes to Campbell, who has had a seizure. Julia asks if Campbell will be okay, and Brian assures her that Campbell will be fine. In the Judge’s chambers, Campbell regains consciousness. He doesn’t remember what happened, but Brian fills him in. Campbell apologizes to his dog for not listening. Brian helps Campbell change into clean clothes, and Campbell admits that he’s been hiding his seizures since he was eighteen. He says they started after a car crash. Julia enters the room, and Brian leaves. Brian observes that things don’t always look as they seem.

Summary: Campbell

Campbell tells Julia he had a car accident the night he took her home from his parent’s house. The seizures started that night, and he has hidden them from everyone ever since. Judge, he explains, is an epilepsy dog, and he broke up with Julia he didn’t think she should have to live with his seizures. Julia tells Campbell that you don’t love someone because they’re perfect but in spite of their imperfection. She also tells Campbell that she will never leave him.

Summary: Anna

Anna talks to Campbell alone. She asks him if he took her case because he knows what it’s like not to have control over his own body. He says “maybe.” They go back to the courtroom and Anna takes the stand again. Campbell asks Anna to confirm that Kate asked her to file the petition, and Anna says that’s not exactly true. She says Kate asked Anna to kill her.

In a flashback, Anna finds Kate drunk with a bottle of pills. Kate tells Anna she’s sick of waiting for something that’s going to happen anyway, and she’s tired of ruining everyone’s lives. But she admits that she can’t kill herself. Anna realizes this means Kate has tried before. Back in the courtroom in the present, Sara says Anna’s story isn’t true. Anna tells her mother that Kate didn’t say anything because she knew telling Sara would kill her, too. Anna also says she doesn’t want Kate to die, but Kate doesn’t want to live the way she’s been living. Anna, as always, is the only one who can give her what she wants.

In another flashback, Kate asks Anna not to donate her kidney. She acknowledges that there are so many things Anna could do if she weren’t around. Anna feels ashamed to admit that she has had the same thought. In the present, Campbell asks Anna if she’s willing to take an action that might kill her sister. Anna says Kate wanted it, but admits that she wanted it, too. It would be the worst and best thing to happen to her. Anna told Kate she was going to be stop being a donor. Kate thanked her.

Summary: Sara

Judge DeSalvo moves the proceeding to the hospital so he can talk to Kate. When they arrive, Kate is watching TV with Jesse. Judge DeSalvo speaks with Kate alone. When he leaves Kate’s room, he tells Sara, Brian, and Campbell that he will announce his decision the following morning. Before Julia and Campbell leave, Campbell tells Sara he is sorry. The entire family gathers in Kate’s room. Anna tells Kate that she tried. Jesse jokes with Kate to lighten the mood. Everyone leaves except for Sara. She climbs into bed with Kate and tells her how sorry she is. Kate tells her not to be, because she isn’t.