"[Turtle's] confused because I'm confused. I think of Jax and Lou Ann and Dwayne Ray, and of course you, and Mattie, my boss at the tire store, all those people as my family. But when you never put a name on things, you're just accepting that it's okay for people to leave when they feel like it….That's what your family is, the people you won't let go of for anything."

These lines are spoken by Taylor after she and Turtle meet with Andy Rainbelt. When asked about her family, Turtle told Andy that she does not have one. Now, Taylor clarifies for herself, who her family is. Taylor's lines refer to her last month or so with Jax. When she left her home in Tucson, Taylor left her relationship with Jax up in the air, telling him he could see other people. His affair with Gundi resulted from Taylor's indecisiveness. Taylor's ideas about family no doubt are informed by her new relationship with the Cherokee Nation. Living on her own has led Taylor to feel unconfident and alienated. She keeps mentioning her lack of a support net, even suggesting that Turtle deserves more than Taylor has given her. Although she is a strong, independent character, Taylor now appreciates the support a family offers.