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The Portrait of a Lady

Henry James
Further Study

Full Book Quiz

Further Study Full Book Quiz

1. How many proposals does Isabel receive during the course of the novel?

2. Where does Pansy Osmond attend school?

3. Who is Pansy's mother?

4. What is the nature of Ralph's disease?

5. Where do Isabel and Gilbert make their home after their wedding?

6. Who supervised Isabel's education?

7. Why does Warburton want to marry Pansy?

8. What is Edward Rosier's occupation?

9. What profession did Mr. Touchett hope to see Ralph take up?

10. Who convinces Mr. Touchett to leave Isabel a large part of his fortune?

11. Where does Mrs. Touchett live eleven months out of the year?

12. Where does Isabel first meet Mrs. Touchett?

13. Where does Merle decide to go at the end of the novel?

14. Who travels with Henrietta on the voyage from America to England?

15. About how old is Isabel at the end of the novel?

16. What was the profession of Gilbert Osmond's mother?

17. What is the Countess Gemini's favorite topic of conversation?

18. What does Isabel see by her bed just before she discovers that Ralph has died?

19. Who asks Isabel to run away with him after Ralph's funeral?

20. Whom does Henrietta decide to marry?

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