The Woman is the Patient’s love interest. If the Patient does have a guardian angel operating across from Wormwood, a heavenly figure who helps guide him to do good and lead him into salvation, this guardian angel is never described. Instead, the Woman seems to take on this heavenly roll. She is an example of Christian virtue, and, at the same time, an idealized Christian version of a good wife. The Woman’s idealized position may be an exaggeration created by Screwtape, who detests the positive influence the Woman has on the Patient. The Womanespecially compared to Screwtape, the Patient, and Wormwood. Unlike the Patient, for example, the Woman does not have to struggle to be brought closer to God. The sexism implied by the Woman’s lack of complexity might be seen a product of Screwtape’s devilish perspective. At the same time, the Woman’s lack of complexity, and her idealized status, might be seen as a sexist byproduct of the patriarchal (male-dominated) structure of Christianity in general.