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What is Screwtape’s purported relationship to the novice tempter Wormwood?

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When does the Patient convert to Christianity?

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Who is the protagonist of The Screwtape Letters?

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According to Screwtape, what are the four sources of laughter?

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Why is the Patient uncertain about what his duties will be during World War II?

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According to Screwtape, why is the Patient’s Mother a glutton?

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In The Screwtape Letters, which of the following does Hell most resemble?

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What are the experiences that lead to the reawakening of the Patient’s faith?

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Why does Wormwood report Screwtape to Hell’s authorities?

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How should Wormwood tempt the Patient’s given the outbreak of World War II?

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What is the Woman and her family’s position toward Christianity?

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Angry at Wormwood, Screwtape transforms into which of the following?

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Which of the following is a result of Hell’s influence on Earth

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According to Screwtape, what is the influence of love on human sexual morality?

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How does Screwtape describe the present moment?

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What is the Woman’s chief character flaw?

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Why does Screwtape say he hates the Woman?

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What is the Patient’s relationship to the Woman’s family?

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What does it mean to be “merely Christian”?

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How is the war most relevant to Wormwood’s project of tempting the Patient into Hell?

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What do the Germans do to threaten the Patient’s life?

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What are the Patient’s duties that put him in harms way?

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Why does the Patient feel he is a coward?

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What happens to the Patient when he dies?

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What is Screwtape excited about in his final letter?