Don't fret yourself, Marian. I'm man enough to know a better when his trail meets mine. Whatever happens will be all right.

It is not until Chapter 10, just after Shane and Joe's fight in the bar that anyone voices the feelings between Shane and Marian. Marian dresses Shane's wounds and then bursts into tears, and Joe knows exactly why. This scene demonstrates a tenderness and closeness between Joe and Marian. He is able to put into words the reason for her tears, and he is able to voice what she is feeling, even though it is not quite concrete. Joe's understanding of Marian's feelings is remarkable—he does not accuse her of infidelity or get angry or jealous. Instead he assures her that everything will be okay. Joe's method of dealing with his exemplifies the fact that he is a man who is honest and trusting and in the end will make everything okay. His response is exactly what one would expect Shane's response to be were their positions reversed.