I can't really explain it, Joe. But I just know that we're bound up in something bigger than any one of us and that running away is the one thing that would be worse than whatever might happen to us.

Marian says this in Chapter 11 in a conversation about whether or not it would be better to simply accept Fletcher's money and leave the farm. It is interesting that she is the one who speaks adamantly against accepting the offer, but she taps into something that they all know is true. She knows that this situation is a microcosm of right and wrong for all of them, and that in order to put the situation behind them and move forward they all must do the right thing. As an example for Bob they have to stand up and face Fletcher, and in order to live with themselves they must overcome the problem rather than succumb to it. Marian very rarely speaks out in situations like this—throughout the book Joe and Shane both launch into explanations about why they should or should not do something. Marian recognizes that how they proceed in this situation is actually more important than it appears, and she speaks strongly about doing the right thing, even if it is hard or risky.