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Who baby-sits Bunny and Sunshine?

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Why can't Dawn Budgel eat any lobster?

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Nutbeem based his boat on what country's boats?

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Who is the tall and quiet woman?

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Who likes to keep his father's grave freshly painted?

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Which of the following is characteristic of Nutbeem?

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What does Tert Card resemble?

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What does Wavey bring Quoyle before she comes over to spend the night?

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What is Jack trying to harvest when he falls into the sea, nearly drowning?

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What does Alvin Yark inevitably do while he works?

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What initially attracts Quoyle to Wavey?

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What is in the suitcase that Quoyle and Billy find on the way back from Gaze Island?

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What does Petal ask Quoyle to do for her over the phone?

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What secret is never revealed to Quoyle?

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Who encouraged the aunt to go to upholstery school?

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What is the Mariner's dictionary definition of a "cousin"?

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What is the physical characteristic that seems to embarrass Quoyle most?

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Who is the star of the Christmas pageant?

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Who does not have a warm and welcoming home?

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What did Billy Pretty's dad make sure all the people of Gaze Island could do?

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What place calls up bad memories for the aunt?

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What does Partridge love?

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What happened to the Quoyle's house at the end of the 19th century?

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Who prompts Quoyle to yell at Tert Card?

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What would have prevented Jack Buggit's knife from slipping?