Chapter 37: Slingstones

Bunny gets in trouble at school for pushing a teacher. As it turns out, the teacher had been scolding and mocking Herry for having to go to the bathroom. The aunt comes up from St. John, and she, Quoyle, and Bunny storm the principal together to stand up for Bunny. Wavey has a special relationship to Bunny after this incident. One day, they all go down to Alvin Yark's where Quoyle helps him on the boat. Alvin asks Quoyle when he is going to "do the deed," referring to Wavey. Alvin then tells Quoyle that Wavey's husband Herold was a hurtful womanizer.

In March, seal hunting begins. Jack Buggit goes out hunting. One day Wavey brings Quoyle a seal flipper pie, as an excuse to spend the night with him. Wavey and Quoyle talk about their old lovers, exchange their hurtful stories. Seal season turns to herring season, and Jack makes the switch. Wavey and Quoyle cook herring by the shore while their children play. Bunny finds a dead bird and Herry calls Quoyle "Dad."

Herring fishing turns to lobster fishing, and Jack gets his slingstones (anchors for the lobster pots) ready. Dennis could fish for lobster if Jack would turn7 over his license to him; Jack does not want him to get it. Meanwhile, Quoyle gets ready to welcome the aunt back to Killick-Claw.

Chapter 38: The Sled Dog Driver's Dream

Alvin and Quoyle are finishing the boat when Alvin notices that there is bad weather coming in. Later, all of Quoyle's friends come over welcome the aunt back (Quoyle and his family are living in the house of the Burke's, who have moved to Florida). Bunny happily shows Quoyle the present that Wavey has given her—a white husky puppy. Quoyle comes downstairs and kisses Wavey in front of everyone.

The terrible storm comes in, and Bunny has a nightmare that the family house came undone from the rock and collapsed. A few days later, Quoyle realizes that the family house is gone, disappeared into the sea. The aunt grieves over the loss, and asks what happened to the outhouse. Quoyle tells her he knows about the sexual abuse she suffered; the aunt cries for a minute, then straightens up and starts making plans again.

Chapter 39: Shining Hubcaps

Finally, Quoyle's boat is finished. Meanwhile, Dennis cannot find work, and is talking about moving his family up to Toronto. One night, Quoyle takes a bath, looks at himself naked in the mirror and does not find himself detestable. That night, Dennis calls to tell Quoyle that Jack had not returned from his fishing trip; they finally find him, drowned. Jack had caught his foot on the line of a slingstone, and been pulled overboard. Quoyle starts planning a special issue of the newspaper as a memorial for Jack.