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What subject did Blanche teach at Laurel High School?

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How does Mitch verify the stories Stanley tells him about Blanche?

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Where does Stanley see Eunice after her fight with Steve?

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Where does Blanche meet Mitch?

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Which of the following songs does Blanche sing while taking a bath?

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What poet does Williams quote in the epigraph to A Streetcar Named Desire?

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Which of the following bonds is not shared by Mitch and Stanley?

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What type of music was playing when Blanche’s young husband committed suicide?

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Where is Shep Huntleigh from?

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Stella left Belle Reve after the death of which family member?

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Which of the following events occurs first?

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Which of the following accurately describes Elysian Fields?

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What does Blanche say caused her family to lose Belle Reve?

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What does Blanche pretend to find when Mitch comes by while Stella is in labor?

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Who lives upstairs from Stanley and Stella?

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What does Stella profess she likes to do for her sister?

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What does Blanche give the Young Collector?

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Which of the following does not function as a symbol in A Streetcar Named Desire?

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Why is Blanche grateful to the doctor in the final scene?

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What doesn’t Blanche know?

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Where is Stella when Blanche first arrives at Elysian Fields?

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Why did Blanche leave her job as a schoolteacher in Laurel?

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What material is Mitch’s jacket made from?

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What sound does Blanche always hear before the Varsouviana music in her head stops?

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What does Stanley buy Blanche for her birthday?