Scene One

Blanche arrives at Stella’s home in a frantic state, telling her that she has lost their family home, Belle Reve, and blames Stella for running off to New Orleans to marry Stanley, which causes Stella to cry. Stanley returns home and agrees to host a poker night with his friends, Steve and Mitch. Stanley attempts to make small talk with Blanche, but when he asks about her husband, she says he died, and faints.

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Scene Two

While Blanche takes a bath, Stanley wonders whether Blanche swindled Stella, and him, out of their fortune, alluding to her seemingly expensive clothing. After sending Stella away to buy her a soda, Blanche shows Stanley the bill of sale and explains how they came to lose the inheritance. Stanley accidentally reveals that Stella is pregnant, which excites Blanche; she thinks the mixing of Stella and Stanley’s blood may save their family legacy.

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Scene Three

When Stella and Blanche return home the next evening, the men are playing poker, so they decide to chat in the bedroom, much to Stanley’s annoyance. Blanche turns the radio on and tries to flirt with Mitch, but they are interrupted when Stanley throws the radio away and gets into a physical altercation with Stella. The men stop Stanley and leave, and after Eunice refuses to let Stanley talk with Stella on the phone, he stumbles outside and yells out her name until she comes downstairs and embraces him.

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Scene Four

Blanche, horrified by Stanley’s behavior the previous night, begins to compose a telegram to a rich former suitor of hers named Shep Huntleigh to ask for money so they can leave, which Stella finds ridiculous. Unbeknownst to Blanche, Stanley overhears her speaking ill of his relationship with Stella. Stanley sneaks back into the apartment, is embraced by Stella, and grins knowingly at Blanche.

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Scene Five

Blanche and Stella overhear Steve and Eunice get into a fight after Eunice accuses Steve of cheating on her. Stanley returns to the apartment, and Blanche is disturbed when he mentions that an associate of his named Shaw shared information with him about her shady past. After Eunice and Steve make up, they follow Stella to the bar to meet with Stanley while Blanche worries about her upcoming date with Mitch.

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Scene Six

After their date, Blanche invites Mitch back to the Kowalski’s apartment for a nightcap. They talk about how Mitch met Stanley, Blanche’s age, and how Blanche’s husband committed suicide after she discovered him in bed with an older man. Mitch comforts her, telling her that they need one another.

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Scene Seven

On Blanche’s birthday, Stanley tells Stella that he has learned about Blanche’s ruined reputation and felt it was his duty to tell Mitch. He goes on to say that he has bought Blanche a one-way ticket back to Laurel. When Blanche comes out of her bath, she asks Stella if something is wrong, but Stella assures her that everything is fine.

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Scene Eight

During Blanche’s birthday dinner, Stanley lashes out at her and Stella. Blanche, disappointed by Mitch’s absence, attempts to call him, but he does not answer and she angers Stanley further by insulting him. After Stanley gives Blanche her one-way ticket back to Laurel, Stella suddenly asks to be taken to the hospital.

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Scene Nine

Mitch confronts Blanche about her shady past, but she goes into hysterics while a polka song—the same one that was playing when her husband killed himself—plays in her head. Blanche, continuing to take shots of whiskey, reveals the truth behind the rumors about her, explaining how she had a relationship with a minor at the high school, which led to her inevitable downfall. The polka music in Blanche’s head fades away, and she throws Mitch out.

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Scene Ten

When Stanley returns home, drunk, he finds a dressed-up Blanche proclaiming she’s been invited to join Shep Huntleigh on a cruise. Stanley offers Blanche a drink in celebration of Stella giving birth and Blanche’s supposed reunion with her suitor, but Stella declines, instead continuing to talk about Shep and her experience with Mitch, which Stanley knows she is lying about. Blanche, increasingly nervous and feeling unsafe, tries to get away, but Stanley prevents her from leaving the apartment, and it is implied that he rapes her.

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Scene Eleven

While Stanley and the men play poker and Blanche takes a bath, Eunice and Stella discuss the fact that Stella has chosen not to believe Blanche, and that doctors are coming to take Blanche away to receive mental help. Blanche believes that Shep is coming to pick her up, but when the doctors arrive instead she bursts into hysterics. Stella watches Blanche being taken away; Eunice hands Stella her baby, and Stanley comforts a tearful Stella.

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