Agnes grew up in the prominent household of Commander Kyle. Though she benefited from the loving care of her adoptive mother, Tabitha, from a young age, Agnes secretly harbored doubts about the Gilead’s treatment of women. She grew increasingly disenchanted after she survived a traumatic sexual assault and witnessed the horrific death of her family’s Handmaid, Ofkyle, during childbirth. Depressed, Agnes flouted her betrothal to the high-ranking Commander Judd and pledged as a Supplicant in the order of the Aunts. Agnes’s time at Ardua Hall transformed her. There she reunited with her old classmate, Becka, who quickly became like a sister to her. She also learned that the Aunts derived their power by collecting other people’s secrets, and she felt tantalized by this promise of power and security. Agnes’s life changed course again when Daisy arrived at Ardua Hall, and Aunt Lydia informed her that Daisy was Baby Nicole and that they were sisters. Aunt Lydia also asked Agnes to participate in a plot to, as she described it, reform Gilead’s corrupt core. Agnes chose to give up the power that life as an Aunt had promised and instead found a different kind of power in her new relationship to her sister and her commitment to a just cause.