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1. What kind of toy does Tabitha give Agnes to play with?

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2. What story does Aunt Vidala tell in school that deeply upsets Becka?

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3. What does Neil keep in the safe in his office?

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4. What profession did Aunt Lydia belong to prior to the founding of Gilead?

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5. How did Aunt Adrianna, the Pearl Girl in Toronto, die?

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6. In what book does Aunt Lydia hide her manuscript?

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7. Why does Daisy cry the first time she speaks with the Pearl Girls in Toronto?

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8. What secret does Aunt Lydia have about Commander Judd?

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9. What symbol does Agnes embroider on the footstool square she makes prior to her betrothal to Commander Judd?

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10. Which of the four founding Aunts helped plan the coup that toppled the United States government?

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11. What does Agnes learn about Paula from the top-secret folder she receives from an anonymous informant?

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12. What does Becka use to try to commit suicide?

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13. When Aunt Lydia installed a hidden camera in her statue, who did she discover placing offerings there in an effort to incriminate Aunt Elizabeth?

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14. Where did the militia men take Aunt Lydia after arresting her immediately after the coup?

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15. What was the real name of the Handmaid who died giving birth to Commander Kyle’s child?

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16. What revelation about Dr. Grove inspired Aunt Lydia to frame him for attempted rape?

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17. What kind of painting does Commander Judd have in his office?

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18. Who does Professor Pieixoto suggest may have been Agnes and Daisy’s mother?

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19. What causes Daisy to fall ill during her and Agnes’s escape from Gilead?

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20. Who helps Agnes safely escape Paula’s house to Ardua Hall?

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21. According to Agnes, what is the source of the Aunts’ power?

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22. What did Aunt Lydia have to do to pass Commander Judd’s test and become one of the four founding Aunts?

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23. Which of the following is NOT located in Gilead?

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24. Where in Ardua Hall does Becka hide to give Agnes and Daisy a head start on their escape?

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25. How does Aunt Lydia kill Aunt Vidala?