Summary: Part XXI: Fast and Thick

Aunt Lydia describes a series of troubling visits. First, Aunt Vidala came to protest sending Agnes and Becka on their Pearl Girls missionary work. She knew that Agnes had gotten unlawful access to her own Bloodlines file and worried that the knowledge about her mother would weaken her resistance to dangerous ideas.

Next came Aunt Helena, who also wanted to report that Agnes had been reading her own Bloodlines file. Aunt Lydia suggested that Aunt Vidala might have given Agnes the file, and before sending her away, she asked Aunt Helena to keep tabs on Aunt Vidala’s movements.

Later, Aunt Elizabeth approached to inform Aunt Lydia that Eyes and Angels had raided Ardua Hall’s print shop and confiscated the Pearl Girl brochures.

Aunt Lydia visited Commander Judd, who explained that someone in Ardua Hall had been communicating with Mayday operatives via microdots attached to the brochures. He raided the print shop hoping to secure evidence. Aunt Lydia defended the innocence of the Aunt who worked in the print shop, but she mentioned her recent doubts about Aunt Vidala. With no concrete evidence from the raid and other governmental officials questioning his effectiveness, Commander Judd suggested they should put Baby Nicole (i.e., Daisy) on public display and announce her betrothal to him.

Summary: Part XXII: Heartstopper

Aunt Lydia arrived at the apartment Agnes shared with Becka and Daisy to report the raid on the print shop and Commander Judd’s plan to get engaged to Daisy on television. They revised their plan. Agnes and Daisy would leave first thing the next morning and follow a preset route to escape to Canada. To buy time, Daisy would write a note pretending that she ran away with a man. Meanwhile, Becka would hide herself so no one would suspect that Daisy left with Agnes in her stead.

Aunt Lydia returned later that night with everything Agnes and Daisy would need for their journey. Agnes tried to persuade Becka to come with them, but Becka explained that they would certainly be caught if there were more than two Pearl Girls traveling together. Agnes and Becka expressed their love for one another. The next morning, Agnes and Daisy set off. They encountered Aunt Vidala just outside Ardua Hall, and Daisy punched her in the chest, using a heartstopper punch that she learned in Mayday training. Aunt Vidala collapsed, and they dragged her unconscious body behind Aunt Lydia’s statue. They worried that Aunt Vidala was dead, but they rushed into the car waiting to take them to a bus station at Portsmouth, New Hampshire.


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