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What does Santiago notice in the sacristy of the abandoned church that he takes shelter in on the way to the merchant?

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What did Santiago’s parents originally hope he would be when he grew up?

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In the recurring dream Santiago has at the abandoned Church, who encourages him to seek treasure at the pyramids?

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What comforts Santiago when he is visiting the gypsy dream intepreter?

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What does Melchizedek ask Santiago for in return for directing him toward his personal legend?

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Who does Melchizedek point out to Santiago as someone who did not follow their Personal Legend?

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What does the book that Santiago buys in Tarifa describe in its opening pages?

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As Santiago sets off to Africa, Melchizedek recalls guiding who else to his personal legend?

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What distracts Santiago and allows the young man in Tarifa to steal his money?

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What kind of vendor does Santiago admire the morning after he is robbed by the young man in Tarifa?

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What does Santiago suggest to the crystal merchant as a strategy to make more money?

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According to the Englishmen, what is the name of the discovery that is the result of refining metal until all that is left is the Soul of the World?

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What is the product of alchemy that can turn lead into gold?

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What is the product of alchemy that can cure all illnesses?

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Upon what item is the core secret of alchemy written?

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What surprises Santiago about the Al-Fayoum oasis?

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Where does Santiago meet Fatima?

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What is the portentous omen that Santiago sees in the Al-Fayoum oasis?

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How does the tribal chieftain punish the chief of the invading army?

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What job does the Al-Fayoum tribal chieftain offer Santiago to reward him for warning of invading armies?

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What danger do Santiago and the alchemist come across in their first foray into the desert?

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Which part of nature didn’t Santiago speak to when he was trying to turn himself into the wind?

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What do the alchemist and the monk talk about while the alchemist is transforming the lead?

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Why does Santiago choose to dig in the dune by the pyramids?

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What is the treasure that Santiago finds under the sycamore tree?