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1What is the English translation of Himmel Street?

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2Where does Liesel’s brother die?

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3Hans befriends Liesel by teaching her to

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4Why does Rudy cover his body with coal?

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5According to Death, the only thing worse than a boy who hates you is

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6At the book burning, when Liesel says she hates Hitler, Hans slaps her. He does this because

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7The first time Max’s friend Walter Kugler visits him when Max is in hiding in Stuttgart, he brings

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8Ilsa Hermann, the mayor’s wife, lost her son. He died

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9Liesel and Max are initially wary of each other. They begin to form a friendship when they start comparing their nightmares. Their nightmares are similar because

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10Max makes Liesel a book called The Standover Man for her tenth birthday. The story is about

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11In order to stay in shape in the basement, Max

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12Liesel continues going to Ilsa Hermann’s house after Ilsa fires Rosa because

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13When Rudy rescues Liesel’s book from the river, he hopes to be rewarded with

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14Despite having no money for food or presents, the Hubermanns have “the greatest Christmas ever.” Why?

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15When Max gets sick, Rosa and Hans are very worried that

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16At the Hitler Youth Carnival, how many medals does Rudy win?

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17After he gives bread to a Jewish prisoner being paraded through town, Hans’s attitude can best be described as

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18According to Death, everyone in Nazi Germany had to take their turn being punished. What was Hans’s punishment?

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19After Hans leaves, Rosa stays up holding his accordion each night because

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20The book Max leaves for Liesel is called The Word Shaker. It is about

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21After Liesel tears up a book in Ilsa Hermann’s library, Ilsa brings Liesel a blank notebook so that

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22When Himmel Street is bombed, Liesel is not killed because

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23Rudy finally gets what he wants from Liesel after the bombing when she gives him

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24When Death comes for Liesel, he gives her a book he rescued from the rubble the night of the bombing. What is it?

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25When Liesel asks Death if he read the book, he tells her he is