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The Fault in Our Stars

Key Facts

Main ideas Key Facts

full title · The Fault In Our Stars

author · John Green

type of work · Novel

genre · Young Adult

language · English

time and place written · 2002-2012; America and Amsterdam

date of first publication · 2012

publisher · Dutton Books

narrator · Hazel Grace Lancaster

point of view · Hazel narrates the story in the first person, giving the reader access to her thoughts but also limiting the reader’s perspective to what she sees.

tone · The tone is generally direct, as Hazel tells her story in a straightforward manner, but is also often introspective and philosophical as Hazel considers existential questions.

tense · Past tense, with the exception of the last sentence.

setting (time) · The year is never explicitly mentioned, but based on context clues such as physical setting and technology the story takes place presumably anytime between 2008 and 2012.

setting (place) · Indianapolis and Amsterdam

protagonist · Hazel Grace Lancaster

major conflict · Hazel struggles to figure out how to live her life and find meaning in it as first she and then more urgently boy she loves face terminal cancer.

rising action · Hazel meets Augustus Waters and quickly falls in love with him as they bond and travel to Amsterdam, but soon they discover that Augustus’s cancer has returned.

climax · Hazel rushes to the gas station where Augustus, his health badly deteriorated, finds himself stuck and helpless.

falling action · Augustus passes away, and Hazel realizes that as much as the pain of losing Augustus hurts, she still thinks the pain was worth it.

themes · The Necessity of Suffering; Fear of Oblivion; The Insensitivity of the Universe; The Realities of Terminal Cancer; The Importance of Fiction

motifs · Drowning; Metaphors; Existentialism

symbols · Water; Augustus’s cigarettes; Grenade; An Imperial Affliction

foreshadowing · Augustus begins writing to Van Houten; Augustus frequently sacrifices himself in the video games he plays; Augustus argues with his parents before leaving on the trip to Amsterdam.