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At the beginning of the novel what television show would Hazel rather watch than attend Support Group?

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What is the name of the experimental drug that successfully shrinks Hazel’s lung tumors?

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Who does Augustus Waters claim is Hazel’s mid-2000’s filmic doppelganger?

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What is the name of the main character in Augustus’s favorite novel, The Price of Dawn?

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What explosive object does Hazel repeatedly call herself when considering the pain her death will cause her loved ones?

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What does Augustus say he fears at the support group meeting where he first meets Hazel?

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Which of these is a side effect of dying that is not mentioned in The Fault in Our Stars?

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In their correspondence, what reason does Van Houten give for not answering Hazel’s list of questions about the fate of the characters of An Imperial Affliction?

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In what cliché way, according to Augustus, did Hazel choose to use her wish from the Genie Foundation when she was thirteen?

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What is the name of Augustus’s ex-girlfriend who passed away from brain cancer?

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How does Peter Van Houten refer to time in his letter to Augustus?

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What artifact from her childhood causes Hazel to feel extremely sad?

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What film do Hazel and Augustus watch together on their flight to Amsterdam?

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What does Hazel learn about Augustus on their flight to Amsterdam?

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What do Hazel and Augustus drink during their romantic meal at Oranjee?

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Where do Hazel and Augustus share their first romantic kiss?

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What T-shirt does Hazel wear to meet Van Houten?

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What does Peter Van Houten mix his scotch with?

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What do Augustus and Isaac do to get revenge against Isaac’s ex-girlfriend?

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What does Augustus always do in video games?

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Why does Augustus drive to a gas station in the middle of the night?

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What reason does Hazel give for being a vegetarian?

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Why has Hazel’s mother secretly been taking classes for the last year?

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What is Peter Van Houten’s preferred musical genre?

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What is the name of Anna’s pet hamster in An Imperial Affliction?