Things Fall Apart (1971) 
Director: Hans Jürgen Pohland
Notable cast: Johnny Sekka, Elizabeth of Toro

Also known as “Bullfrog in the Sun,” this film adaptation combines elements from both Things Fall Apart and another of Achebe’s novels, No Longer at Ease. Pohland’s adaptation has received criticism for what some considered its excessive depiction of violence. Achebe himself was not happy with the adaptation, and felt that the filmmakers took too many liberties with the material in order to draw connections to the violence of the Biafran War (1967–70).

Things Fall Apart (1987) 
Director: David Orere
Notable cast: Pete Edochie

This thirteen-part miniseries premiered on Nigerian television via the Nigerian Television Authority. The style of this adaptation may seem unfamiliar to American audiences, but is typical of films produced by the Nigerian film industry, otherwise known as Nollywood. In addition to Pete Edochie, the series features a number of prominent Nollywood actors, including Nkem Owoh and Sam Loco Efeh.