Describe Gram and Gramps. Why are they so important to Sal? In what ways is she like them, and in what ways is she different?

Why, according to Sal, is she taking the trip to Lewiston with her grandparents? What deeper reasons lie behind her stated reasons?

How does Creech's portrayal of adults compare with her portrayal of children? Be sure to use specific examples to back up your generalizations.

What does Creech achieve by paralleling Phoebe's and Sal's stories?

Are Creech's characters more or less believable than characters in other novels? What effect does this have on the story?

The plot of Walk Two Moons is driven by coincidence and chance. Does Creech rely too heavily on coincidence and chance to make her plot turn out the way it does? Why or why not? What effect does this extreme use of coincidence have upon the novel?