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When she first arrives, how does Sal feel about Euclid, Ohio?

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How does Mrs. Partridge tell people's ages?

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Why did Sal's mother start crying after her husband gave her and Sal flowers?

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Why does Phoebe tell the lunatic that her mother is home even though she is not?

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Why does Mrs. Winterbottom sniffle and cry so much?

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Why does Gram ask Gramps about his dog before she agrees to marry him?

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Why does Sal flinch when Ben touches her?

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Why does Sal resent Margaret Cadaver?

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What does Sal do with her mother's hair?

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How do the girls react to the messages left on Phoebe's doorstep?

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Why does Sal kiss trees?

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Why does Ben read Sal's palm after school?

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Why does Phoebe think her mother has been kidnapped?

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Why won't Phoebe eat any of the food at Mary Lou's?

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On the night Phoebe stays at Sal's house, why doesn't Sal comfort Phoebe when she is crying?

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Why does Sal lie to Phoebe and Ben about her mother?

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Why does Mr. Birkway enjoy reading the students' journals aloud?

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Whose picture does Sal see on Sergeant Bickle's desk?

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What makes Mr. Birkway stop reading from the students' journals?

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How did Mrs. Cadaver discover her husband and mother's car accident?

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Why do Sal and Phoebe decide to visit the lunatic at his college?

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Why does Sal run toward the bus stop when she sees Mrs. Winterbottom and the lunatic?

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Why is Mrs. Winterbottom afraid when she brings Mike home to her family?

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How did Sal's mother and Mrs. Cadaver meet?

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How does Sal feel back on the farm at Bybanks?