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With a discussion of what topic does Anna Pavlovna Scherer open the novel?

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What is Vasili Kuragin interested in obtaining for his son Anatole?

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Who is Helene’s father?

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In what century is War and Peace set?

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What is Pierre’s most noticeable physical feature?

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Who is the owner of the estate called Bald Hills?

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Who is Mademoiselle Bourienne?

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Who is severely wounded at the Battle of Austerlitz?

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Who is Pierre’s first wife?

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With which man is it rumored Pierre’s wife is having an affair?

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What topic does the mysterious stranger Pierre encounters at the Torzhok station discuss?

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For what misdeed is Nicholas’s friend Denisov in danger of being court-martialed?

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How does Nicholas rescue Mary?

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What does Pierre madly and briefly imagine his mission in life to be?

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How does Helene attempt to marry another man while still wedded to Pierre?

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Why do the Rostovs unload the carts containing their possessions during the evacuation of Moscow?

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According to the narrator of War and Peace, which of the following best describes the Battle of Borodino?

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In what public place does Natasha become interested in Anatole?

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For what does the dying Count Rostov beg forgiveness?

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Who is Mary’s brother?

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What good deed ends up getting Pierre captured by the French?

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What causes Petya’s death?

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Through what Russian city, occupied by the French, does Pierre wander?

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How does Platon Karataev die?

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What does Natasha do when Andrew rejects her?