Full Title  Something Wicked This Way Comes

Author Ray Bradbury

Type of Work Novel

Genre Science fiction/fantasy

Language English

Time and place written From 1955 to 1962 in Los Angeles Bradbury turned a ten page story of his into this novel

Date of first publication 1962

Publisher Avon Books

Narrator Omniscient narrator

Climax Jim and Will's final ride on the carousel is the climax of the novel.

Protagonist William Halloway, James Nightshade, and Charles Halloway

Antagonist Mr. Dark

Setting (time) Unclear, but likely between 1920 and 1950

Setting (place) Green Town, Illinois

Point of view Mostly Will or Charles Halloway but several chapters are from the point of view of other characters.

Falling action Will and his father bring Jim back to life by dancing and singing and being happy.

Tense Immediate past

Foreshadowing The Prologue foreshadows much of the plot, and throughout the book major events are foreshadowed.

Tone The tone is mystical and poetic yet believable.

Themes Acceptance; common cause; age

Motifs Magic; belief

Symbols The carnival as evil; young boys as life