1. Who is the Illustrated Man?

2. What time does the carnival train arrive?

3. How old is Mr. Cooger when he pretends to be Miss Foley's nephew?

4. What does Charles Halloway do to destroy the Mirror Maze?

5. What is Mr. Halloway's profession?

6. How does Mr. Dark find the boys in the library?

7. How old is Mr. Halloway?

8. Who does Mr. Dark offer to make his partner?

9. What does Will cut the Witch's balloon with?

10. What does Jim tell Mr. Dark his name is?

11. What happens to Mr. Cooger's body when he dies?

12. What does Mr. Halloway do to the bullet that he shoots at the Witch?

13. What does Charles Halloway use to get rid of the Witch and Mr. Dark when the boys are in the grille under him?

14. Who is the Dwarf?

15. Who figures out that laughter is a weapon?

16. Who figures out that the carousel music is Chopin's "Funeral March"?

17. Who smells cotton candy?

18. Where does Mr. Dark crush Charles Halloway's hand?

19. Who does Jim try to go see when he sneaks out?

20. Who slaps Will in the face several times?

21. Where do Will and Charles Halloway look for Jim after the Witch dies?

22. How many drinks does Mr. Halloway have in the bar?

23. What is Miss Foley's profession?

24. Where does Mr. Halloway go when he cannot sleep at night?

25. Who does Will consider an old man in the beginning of the book?