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Why does Didion refuse to give away John’s shoes?

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Didion tries and fails to locate a poem about “Mr. Death” and a “blue-eyed boy” by which poet?

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What delays the arrival of the autopsy report and emergency room record?

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Didion is associated with what literary group?

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When John collapses, what is Didion’s immediate instinct?

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What is the one place in Los Angeles where Didion feels safe, even though she associates it with John and Quintana?

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What destination does John insist on visiting, fearing that it will be last time he will get to go?

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What does Didion call the experience of having tragedy occur when you least expect it?

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What is consecrated in the final lines in the poem “Rose Aylmer”?

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What concept, inspired by Joe and Gertrude Black, did John write about on the day of his death?

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What is the strategy that Didion employs to help her deal with her fear of injuring herself?

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What leads to Quintana’s first coma?

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What is the name of the classical drama by Euripides that Didion turns to while thinking about the concept of the divide between life and death?

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Which instance involving flowers does not appear in the book?

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What helped Didion confront the idea of meaninglessness as a child?

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What upsets Didion when she receives a call from the hospital the day after John’s death?

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Which of the following books by John Gregory Dunne is not quoted in The Year of Magical Thinking?

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What is the first writing assignment Didion accepts after the tragedies?

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After participating in which of the following unusual activity with Didion does John express his enthusiasm for trying new things?

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What causes the “apprehension of death” that Didion experiences while walking down West Fifty-seventh Street in New York?

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What is the name of the strange test used to test memory and comprehension in patients coming out of a coma?

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John whispers what line from the film Robin and Marian to Quintana while she lies in a coma?

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Which literary hero, who has a premonition of his own death, does Didion compare to John?

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What causes Didion to become upset while covering the Democratic Convention at the Fleet center?

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What is the name of the singing group from Princeton that John enjoyed mocking?