The Taming of the Shrew

by: William Shakespeare

  Act 4 Scene 1

page Act 4 Scene 1 Page 7

Original Text

Modern Text

Why, when, I say?—Nay, good sweet Kate, be merry.—
Off with my boots, you rogues! You villains, when?
Did I say later? I said now!—Smile, Kate! Be happy.—Get my boots off, you apes! You idiots, now!
75 Sings
It was the friar of orders gray,
As he forth walkèd on his way:—
A servant tries to take off PETRUCHIO’s boots.
Out, you rogue! You pluck my foot awry.
80Take that, and mend the plucking off the other.
Strikes him
Be merry, Kate.—Some water, here, what, ho!
Where’s my spaniel Troilus? Sirrah, get you hence
And bid my cousin Ferdinand come hither.
(singing) It was a friar in robes of gray, who walked along the road one day:—(a servant tries to take off PETRUCHIO’s boots) Stop, you moron! You’re twisting my foot! Take that, and see you do a better job with the other one. (he strikes the servant) Be happy, Kate!—Bring me some water! Where’s my spaniel Troilus? Hey boy, go tell my cousin Ferdinand to get in here.
Exit a servant
A servant exits.
85One, Kate, that you must kiss and be acquainted with.—
Where are my slippers? Shall I have some water?—
You’ll love this guy, Kate—anyway, you’d better! Where are my slippers? Can we have some water please here?—
Enter one with water
A servant enters with water.
Come, Kate, and wash, and welcome heartily.—
You whoreson villain! Will you let it fall?
Strikes him
Come and wash, Kate, make yourself at home. Son of a bitch, you spilled it! (he strikes the servant)


90Patience, I pray you! 'Twas a fault unwilling.


Take it easy! Please! It was just an accident!