1. According to Marx, the history of all society up to his time is the history of:

2. According to Marx, what is one difference between modern bourgeois society and societies of the past?

3. Which of the following traits is characteristic of modern bourgeois society?

4. The mistake made by "Reactionary Socialism" is that it:

5. Conservative Socialism redresses social grievances by mitigating the suffering of the proletariat, with the unstated goal of:

6. Is it possible, according to Marx, for the Communists' aims to be achieved without the use of force?

7. Which of the following thinkers had the most major intellectual influence on Marx?

8. Which of the following goals is the immediate aim of the Communists?

9. Which of the following is presented as a common objection to the Communist agenda?

10. During which century was the Communist Manifesto published?

11. Who wrote the Communist Manifesto with Marx?

12. What is the FIRST step in the working class revolution?

13. Which of the following is NOT suggested as a likely development during the early stages of the proletariat revolution?

14. What sort of political parties do the Communists say they will work with?

15. Which of the following is NOT a trait of the proletariat?

16. Which of the following is a component of the "means of production"?

17. What is the primary source of changes in man's ideas?

18. What system did modern Industrial society replace?

19. What do the proletariat stand to lose in their revolution?

20. The "mode of production" consists of each of the following EXCEPT

21. Which of the following is a true statement about the struggles that dominate history?

22. Whose interests does the modern state serve?

23. In modern society, who owns the means of production?

24. Who will own property after the workers' revolution is over?

25. Which of the following characteristics does NOT describe the bourgeoisie?

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