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On what Christian holy day does Inferno begin?

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How old is Dante at the beginning of the poem?

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What human quality is Virgil usually thought to represent?

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Which group of sinners must remain submerged in the swampy Styx?

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What is the meaning of the word “Malebranche”?

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Of which Florentine political party was Farinata a leader?

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Where does Beatrice reside after death?

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Why is Judas unable to speak?

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What event caused the earthquake mentioned by several demons and spirits in the poem?

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Who tells Dante the story of Paolo and Francesca?

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A Centaur is a cross between which two creatures?

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Which three beasts block Dante from the sunlit hill in Canto I?

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From which city was Dante exiled?

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Which pope was Dante’s enemy?

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Into how many “pouches” is the Eighth Circle of Hell divided?

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How many circles constitute Dante’s Hell?

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Which city did Dante believe to be more important than all others?

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Who brings Dante from the Eighth to the Ninth Circle of Hell?

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What words can be found above the Gate of Hell?

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Who opens the gates of Dis?

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What is Geryon thought to represent?

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Which river must souls cross before they enter Hell?

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Where in Hell does Virgil reside?

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Where do the Spenders and Hoarders receive their punishment?

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What form of verse does Inferno utilize?