“They all will be closed up
When from Jehosaphat they shall return
Here with the bodies they have left above.
Their cemetery have upon this side
With Epicurus and all his followers,
Who with the body mortal make the soul…”
“We see, like those who have imperfect sight,
The things,” he said, “that distant are from us;
So much still shines on us the Sovereign Ruler.
When they draw near, or are is wholly vain
Our intellect, and if none brings it to us,
Not anything know we of your human state.”
“Of every malice that wins hate in Heaven,
Injury is the end, and all such end
Either by force of fraud afflicteth others.
But because fraud is man’s peculiar vice,
More it displeaseth God; and so stands lowest
The fraudulent, and greater dole assails them.”
“Hast thou no recollection of these words
With which thine Ethics thoroughly discusses
The dispositions three, that Heaven abides not,—
Incontinence, and Malice, and insane
Bestiality? And how Incontinence
Less God offendeth, and less blame attracts?”