"Lulu came in from the wild world to show that we were on good terms with it, and she made my house one with the African landscape, so that nobody could tell where the one stopped and the other began."

The narrator makes this statement in the chapter, "Lulu," which is found in the book's first section, "Kamante and Lulu." Lulu is a bushbuck antelope whom the author domesticates when it is just a fawn. As this quote indicates, Lulu symbolizes the unity that the farm has with the animal world. Lulu, as a wild animal, brings the secrets of the forest into the human realm. Lulu's ability to co-exist harmoniously with the humans, and even the narrator's hunting dogs, demonstrates the essentially symbiotic relationship that the farm had with its surroundings. The idea that the African wildlife lives in harmony with the farm is essential to the author's perspective that the farm is a type of paradise.