1. What good deed does Anna do when she visits the Oblonsky household in Part One?

2. Who is Frou-Frou?

3. Where do Anna and Vronsky first meet?

4. How are Stiva and Anna related?

5. What is the subject of the book Levin plans to write?

6. In which country do Vronsky and Anna spend most of their time in Europe?

7. What happens at the train station just after Anna’s first meeting with Vronsky?

8. What is Dolly’s maiden name?

9. Where does Anna make her disastrous attempt to rejoin St. Petersburg society after her scandal?

10. Who is Seryozha’s father?

11. What is the result of Vronsky’s error at the horse race?

12. What is Vronsky’s career before his resignation?

13. What does Levin fear during the severe thunderstorm on his estate in the last chapter of the novel?

14. What does Levin’s half-brother, Koznyshev, do?

15. What was Marya Nikolaevna’s profession when Nikolai Levin met her?

16. What is the name of Levin and Kitty’s child?

17. Who, besides Levin, courts Kitty?

18. What does Vronsky have made in Italy?

19. What does Veslovsky do to anger Levin?

20. Which pursuit does Anna take up during her life with Vronsky?

21. What cause sweeps Russia in the final section of the novel?

22. Where does Anna die?

23. In the last chapter of the novel, what does Levin finally feel he understands?

24. What does the psychic Landau instruct Karenin to do?

25. What characteristic of Varenka’s does Kitty appreciate while at the German spa?