Julia’s emotional journey represents the danger of prioritizing modern values over religious truth. As a young woman, Julia finds herself caught between her desire to marry well in London society and her Catholic faith, a struggle that follows her throughout her life. She approaches her search for a husband strategically, prioritizing social status. When she decides to marry Rex, Julia chooses modern values over Catholic ones. In addition to marrying Rex in a Protestant church, their entire courtship revolved around choosing expediency over correctness. Julia stops taking communion after a priest refuses to sanction her sleeping with Rex to keep him away from his mistress, making Julia angry that the Church doesn’t allow for quick-fixes. When it becomes clear that marriage to Rex cannot make her happy, Julia despairs for her soul. She begins her relationship with Charles in pursuit of children and sees their passion as a means of getting as near to God as she can. Her father’s repentance proves to her the power of divine grace, and Julia ultimately chooses Catholicism over divorce.