Summary: Book 3: Chapter 1

Ten years pass, and Charles becomes an architectural painter. He specializes in older buildings because they represent a beauty free from passing trends. He prospers even within the financial tumult because people commission him to paint old buildings before they’re torn down. Seeking a new subject, Charles travels to Latin America to paint abandoned buildings overgrown by nature.

Charles meets up with his wife, Celia, in New York so they can journey back to England together by ship. Celia is Boy Mulcaster’s sister. Celia and Charles have a son, and while Charles was traveling, Celia gave birth to a daughter, whom she named Catherine. However, their marriage appears cool, and Charles expresses no interest in his children. Nevertheless, Celia declares they can pick up right where they left off before Charles’s trip.

On the ship, Celia insists they throw a cocktail party. As Celia calls passengers to make invitations, Charles overhears her inviting Julia. Charles hasn’t heard from Julia in years. According to rumors, Julia and Rex are unhappy, and Rex’s career has not been as prosperous as expected. Charles runs into Julia at the ship’s bar. She tells Charles he looks harder than he once did. Charles notices a new softness in her but also a sadness. 

Charles is miserable at Celia’s party. Celia introduces him to people who work in Hollywood to expand his clientele. All Charles wants is to see Julia, but she doesn’t come. At dinner, Charles can’t speak with Julia because they’re seated at different tables. However, a storm arises, causing people to retreat to their cabins with seasickness. 

The next morning, Charles finds his sea legs. He selects a bouquet of roses from the cocktail party and asks a steward to send it to Julia’s cabin. Celia is still feeling seasick, so Charles meets Julia alone. Julia’s shocked by the roses but relieved Charles has regifted them. As Charles and Julia walk around the ship together, he’s pleased she can weather the storm.

They spend the whole next day together. Charles accompanies Julia when she goes to dress for dinner, and they kiss. He tries to come with her to bed that evening. Julia stops him, saying she doesn’t want love. Charles claims he’s not asking for love, but Julia disagrees.