1. What does Charles consider Hooper to represent?

2. What does Charles specifically like about his room at Oxford?

3. Who is Aloysius?

4. What phrase is written on the skull in Charles’s memento mori?

5. What does Anthony Blanche compare Sebastian to?

6. Why does Charles spend his vacation with his father?

7. What is the first thing Charles notices about Julia?

8. What is the first thing Sebastian asks Charles to draw at Brideshead?

9. In Cara’s conversation with Charles in Venice, what adjective does she use to describe Lord Marchmain?

10. Who helps Charles, Sebastian, and Mulcaster get minimal punishment for their drunken conduct charges?

11. What happens to Sebastian over the Christmas after his Levantine trip?

12. Why does Sebastian ask Charles to give him money?

13. Why does Rex visit Charles in Paris?

14. Why does Rex decide to convert to Catholicism?

15. Why can’t Rex convert to Catholicism?

16. What is Lady Marchmain’s last request to Charles?

17. Why is Celia absent for most of the voyage back to England from America?

18. Who does Charles reunite with on the voyage back to England from America?

19. What does Anthony Blanche call Charles’s new series of paintings?

20. Why doesn’t Bridey want to bring his fiancée to Brideshead?

21. After Julia’s breakdown at the fountain, what does Charles compare her sadness to?

22. How does Charles describe his relationship with Sebastian to Julia?

23. What word does Cordelia use to describe Julia and Charles’s relationship?

24. In his final days, what does Lord Marchmain do when Father McKay asks for a sign of repentance?

25. At the end of the novel, what is the last part of the house that Charles visits?