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In which war does Tayo fight?

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How are Josiah and Auntie related?

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Who does Tayo stab in a bar?

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What is the distinguishing characteristic of Josiah's cattle?

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What does Grandma buy with Rocky's insurance money?

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What sport does Rocky play?

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How old was Tayo when his mother left him?

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Where does Betonie live?

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What did Night Swan do when she was a younger?

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From whom does Josiah buy the cattle?

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What color are Tayo's eyes?

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Who accompanies Hummingbird in his search for the rain?

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What is the main road that passes by the reservation?

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Which animals are Betonie's helper Shush associated with?

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According to Betonie, where do white people come from?

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What part of Tayo's body is cut during the ceremony?

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What does Buzzard need before he can purify the town?

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Who is in the car with Harley and Leroy when they pick Tayo up on the side of the road?

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Who is the father of the clouds?

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Where does Tayo find Josiah's cattle?

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What is Emo's full name?

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How long is Tayo gone from home?

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What animal is Ts'eh assoicated with?

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Where does Night Swan live?

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Who is Descheeny?